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Global Holistic Compliance, Inc. (GHC) is a national labor & employment consulting firm built by a management team of experienced labor and employment lawyers, Six Sigma process engineers and information technology professionals.  Our team is renowned for their subject matter expertise, in-depth understanding of client needs and interests, and our unique, time-sensitive approach to favorably resolving complex labor & employment workplace compliance issues.  GHC excels in more than traditional EEO / AA Corporate defense work.  GHC delivers a prevention focused approach to problem solving through comprehensive technology solutions.  Our Holistic Compliance Processes™, driven by next generation Holistic Compliance Technology™, offer state-of-the-art solutions that address the entire spectrum of Labor & Employment Regulatory Compliance Requirements – from safety, worker’s compensation, civil rights etc. to Sarbanes-Oxley.

GHC’s holistic approach to problem solving simplifies and manages complex layers of labor & employment business challenges that are exponentially growing in number, difficulty and cost.  GHC helps clients reduce legal risks by achieving sustained compliance with labor & employment regulatory compliance requirements.  Our web-based Holistic Compliance Processes™ perpetually reduce client Costs of Compliance.  GHC serves a broad range of clients nationally and is positioned to expand its services internationally.

GHC demonstrates its unique employment knowledge and expertise upon a constellation of web-based holistic processes.  These processes are designed to help clients reduce legal risks, achieve sustained compliance with employment requirements and reduce their Costs of Compliance.  Our array of web-based processes plays an integral role in delivering these far ranging results:

GHC’s multi-discipline expertise and holistic approach to problem solving helps clients build solutions to complex labor & employment business issues previously believed to be insoluble.

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