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GHC’s visionary leadership team is comprised of experienced labor & employment lawyers, Six Sigma process engineers and IT professionals.  GHC’s leadership team has conducted thousands of comprehensive investigations into complex labor and employment matters, compliance reviews and other administrative proceedings for fortune 500 companies.  GHC’s extensive experience in performing traditional corporate defense work and acute understanding of the inner-workings of administrative enforcement agencies, both state and federal, has resulted in improved solutions to the industry’s three most difficult challenges:

  1. The Growing Complexity Of Labor & Employment Workplace Compliance Laws
  2. Spiraling Labor & Employment Costs Of Compliance And,
  3. The Absence Of Web-Based Technology To Drive Compliance. 

As visionaries, GHC understands that voraciously defending each administrative claim, while critically important, is just one dimension of holistic problem solving.  To solve the full scope of problems, GHC’s leadership team introduced Six Sigma principles into its Labor & Employment Regulatory Compliance Matrix™.  As a result of this integration, GHC found solutions to industry’s toughest challenges. GHC’s holistic problem solving and web-based Holistic Compliance Processes™ driven by Holistic Compliance Technology™ helps clients avoid litigation by simplifying the complex.  These processes help clients achieve sustained compliance while perpetually reducing their Costs of Compliance.

Litigation Is An Inefficient And Costly Way
To Address Employment Problems;
GHC Offers Pro-Active Technology Based Solutions That Cut
Spiraling Costs Of Compliance – Including Litigation Costs.

- Stanley Edward Williams

We Offer Clients:

  • Technology-Based Holistic Compliance Processes™
  • Sustained And Individualized Compliance
  • Continuous Reductions In The Costs Of Compliance

Mission Statement

To Build Technology-Based Holistic Compliance Processes™, Achieve Sustained Individualized Compliance And Continuously Reduce Client Costs Of Compliance.

“Intellectuals Solve Problems; Geniuses Prevent Them.”

-  Albert Einstein

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