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GHC’s holistic approach to conflict resolution and its highly scalable, desktop ready Holistic Compliance Processes™ driven by its Holistic Compliance Technology™ renders GHC without peer in its labor & employment service deliverables.

GHC’s research reveals that U.S. Corporations, that fully satisfy the jurisdictional requisites, must simultaneously comply with more than 40 federal labor & employment laws.  While this number is staggering, it does not include state requirements and moreover fails to include the Goliath of the labor & employment field – state Worker’s Compensation laws

Aggressive enforcement, complex regulations, sheer numbers and heightened exposure to legal liability for non-compliance creates Perfect Storm Dangers for those unprepared by GHC’s expertise and process driven technology. 

In mastering the navigation of this enormous maze of laws, GHC brings focus to the 10 Labor & Employment Regulatory Compliance Requirements that researchers have identified as most costly to U.S. employers.

GHC’s services and technology help clients reach beyond traditional corporate defense work to achieve prevention through holistic problem solving and individualized web-based Holistic Compliance Processes™ driven by its next generation Holistic Compliance Technology™.  These process solutions help clients avoid litigation, invest in strengthening business processes, achieve sustained compliance and perpetually reduce their Costs of Compliance.  

10 Most Expensive U.S. Labor & Employment Work Place Laws

  1. Worker’s Compensation Laws
  2. Occupational Safety And Health Act    (OSHA)
  3. Title VII, As Amended   (Title VII)
  4. Labor Management Relations Act   (LMRA)
  5. Employee Retirement Income Security Act   (ERISA)
  6. Fair Labor Standards Act     (FLSA)
  7. Executive Order 11246     (E.O. 11246)
  8. American’s With Disabilities Act     (ADA)
  9. Age Discrimination In Employment Act     (ADEA)
  10. Family Medical Leave Act     (FMLA)

(Growing Trends  -  Immigration Reform And Control Act (IRCA), Sarbanes-Oxley, Electronic Discovery & Work Place Privacy)

GHC’s practice areas far exceeds the 10 labor & employment areas listed above.  GHC’s holistic approach to problem solving, unique multi-discipline expertise and constellation of web-based holistic processes expands its scope to address all labor & employment regulatory compliance requirements.  In both domestic and international forums, GHC’s holistic processes can be designed to:

  1. Exhaustively Defend Claims Of Non-Compliance Or Discrimination Via The Smart Case Management System;
  2. Develop Integrated AAPs To Position Clients For AAP Compliance And Successful Compliance Reviews;
  3. Ascertain, Measure, And Monitor Clients’ Costs Of Compliance;
  4. Offer Custom Holistic Compliance Processes That Ensure Sustained Compliance And Perpetually Cut Costs. 

GHC’s multi-discipline expertise, holistic approach to problem solving, strategic Holistic Compliance Processes™ and revolutionary Holistic Compliance Technology helps clients build solutions that simplifies complex labor & employment business issues and renders them fully manageable.

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