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Adding Value While Reducing Costs – Consummate Strategic Partnership

One of GHC’s key core values is “Adding Value To It’s Clients While Reducing Costs.”  This is done via GHC’s holistic approach to problem solving and the development of desktop available, client-focused Holistic Compliance Processes™ with perpetual process improvement that first identifies then drives down previously hidden costs.

GHC’s Holistic Compliance Technology Infrastructure© employs solutions that demonstrate to clients that labor & employment regulatory compliance requirements, human resources issues and corporate systems, regardless of complexity and how decentralized, can become fully integrated; then isolated, empirically studied and holistically managed.  GHC’s technology driven holistic compliance offerings are unique, represent a radical departure from the conventional and far out pace any labor & employment offerings in the marketplace – a true competitive advantage.

GHC has found that long-term relationships are necessary for GHC to holistically understand client needs, identify client cost drains and determine each client’s unique Costs Of Compliance.  It is through the development of these committed relationships that GHC is able to lay the foundation for building customized Holistic Compliance Processes™ that help clients perpetually drive down their Costs Of Compliance, cut exposure to risks of liability, improve efficiency and achieve sustained compliance by creating long-term business solutions to problems previously believed to be insoluble.

What Are Your Costs of Compliance?:    Costs Of Compliance are documented and verifiable costs and expenses expended by each company annually in an effort to achieve compliance with all labor & employment regulatory compliance requirements.

Value-Based Compensation Plan™:    GHC has confidence in its clients, its holistic compliance approach to problem solving and its client-centered Holistic Compliance Processes™ driven by Holistic Compliance Technology™, the Enabler VII™.  This confidence allows GHC to reward its long term clients with eligibility to participate in its Value-Based Compensation Plan™, which restructures a portion of each client’s compensation package.  Under the Value-Based Compensation Plan™ a portion of GHC’s payment will consist of a percentage of the actual dollars saved each client, after historical baseline costs have been clearly established by independent auditors using the client’s own verified financial records.

“GHC Helps Clients Identify Then Drive Down Previously Hidden Costs Of Compliance.”

-  Stanley Edward Williams


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