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A. Holistic Compliance Processes™

Holistic Compliance Processes™  (“HCP”): Clients recognize the need for efficient and well managed regulatory compliance processes. GHC’s broad-based cross-functional expertise helps clients build Holistic Compliance Processes™ that are comprehensive and proactive client-centered business solutions for managing complex labor and employment compliance issues.  These Processes are designed to leverage lessons learned, continuously perfect best processes, achieve sustained holistic compliance, and perpetually cut costs.

Visionary Holistic Compliance Teams©:  Clients of GHC will achieve exceptional results through small, flexible Visionary Holistic Compliance Teams© (VHCT). The Senior GHC Managing Consultant on each VHCT is assigned to stimulate synergy and help build client specific Holistic Compliance Processes™, to achieve reductions in costs and expenses, and create long-term business solutions. 

Business Surveys-Workforce Audits & Needs Analysis:  GHC utilizes numerous tools to evaluate each client’s HR business model, policies, procedures and practices; conduct Comprehensive Workforce Audits & Needs Analyses; and measure and monitor clients’ Costs Of Compliance.

Internal Dispute Resolution Processes:  GHC understands that early investigations and conflict resolution save time and reduce costs.  Consequently, GHC helps clients design time sensitive, user-friendly Internal Dispute Resolution Systems that are unique to each client’s culture and operate in a fair and firm manner.  This process is designed to promote early issue recognition, expedite investigations and achieve favorable results, while supporting alternative avenues for conflict resolution.  Early issue recognition includes anonymous reporting of claims at all levels (e.g., 1-800-24-7Help Hotline).

1-800-24-7Help Hotline:  The Hotline is highly recognized by the courts as a best practice tool that adds credibility to the investigative process and demonstrates an employer’s efforts to disclose unacceptable behavior at all levels of the organization.  This toll-free system gives employees a confidential and anonymous method to report suspected incidents of wrongdoing and other workplace issues.  The Hotline is a tool that aids all investigative functions in all forums (e.g., internal dispute resolution process, whistleblower complaints, Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, workplace safety, Civil Rights investigations etc).

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance:  The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 has raised the bar on executives of corporations and now requires that they have specific knowledge that their financial statements and related documents are complete and accurate.  This new corporate governance stiffens existing penalties and expands corporate malfeasance.  GHC will aid companies in ensuring that they are in compliance with the Act.  GHC will help clients to design processes that seek to ensure that executives refrain from unauthorized or illegal practices, and we will formulate a "whistleblower policy" that allows employees to step forward without fear of demotion, stagnation or termination.  The whistleblower policy will allow employees to anonymously report code-of-ethics violations and provide documentation, if any exists.  GHC designs and facilitates Sarbanes-Oxley training at the executive and management level to ensure they understand what behavior is expected of them.

B. Smart Case Management System™ (SCMS™):

GHC’s Smart Case Management System™ employs information technology to help forge comprehensive defenses to existing cases, freeze and preserve comparative data, enhance documentation and promote comprehensive analysis for decision-making.  SCMS seamlessly interfaces with Holistic Compliance Processes™, utilizes the most advanced methods, techniques and strategies for investigating and defending cases, and provides valuable “lessons learned” for the continued development and perfection of client-centered Holistic Compliance Processes™.

Comprehensive Investigations:  GHC recognizes that time is of the essence regarding all labor & employment claims of regulatory violations.  GHC’s experience shows that early investigations and dispute resolutions, where appropriate, render settlements that are more favorable to clients.  Armed with this knowledge, GHC’s experienced consultants conduct time-sensitive individual and class-based investigations into alleged labor & employment regulatory violations regardless as to forum, whether internal or external.
Focused Position Statements:  GHC’s unique utilization of focused position statements with multiple exhibits helps simplify complex matters while shaping issues, controlling the scope of investigations, and favorably advancing client defenses.

Best Processes©:  Based on GHC’s creative, holistic and visionary approach to problem solving, we have literally harvested lessons learned from virtually every venue in the company.  (i.e., Inclusive of each complaint and/ or investigation whether formal or informal)  We continuously streamline such practices for better understanding of our clients’ Costs of Compliance™, perfecting our client’s Holistic Compliance Processes™ and developing Best Processes that eliminate duplication, clear up ambiguity and improve results.  GHC’s holistic approach to problem solving promotes a Culture of Best Processes in an atmosphere of process fairness and firmness. 

Effective Negotiations:  GHC has trained and experienced negotiators who understand the value of interest based negotiations and where appropriate alternative dispute resolutions.  GHC negotiators have successfully performed negotiations in all forums, including internal dispute resolutions, conciliations, mediations, arbitrations, and other fact finding venues.

C. Integrated Affirmative Action Plans™  (Integrated AAPs™):  

GHC maintains Integrated AAPs™, a web-based software tool that automates the AAP / Compliance Review process to ensure that AAP compliance is based upon the latest governmental requirements.  Integrated AAPs™ allow clients to fully manage and audit their compliance efforts to ensure AAP compliance and audit readiness.  Integrated AAPs™ have integrated databases that insure the integrity of the client’s data while including the entire 2000 Census Special EEO file and Job Title Mapping.

D.  Traditional Training and Training Performance:

GHC performs traditional training for all associate levels.  GHC can deliver training on any topic from its training library or custom-build a training module based upon client specifications.  GHC also goes well beyond traditional training necessary to satisfy legal compliance requirements and focuses upon intimately understanding clients’ business intricacies to create Holistic Compliance Processes™.  Upon helping develop client specific Holistic Compliance Processes™, GHC will provide Training Performance.  Training Performance makes Knowledge Workers more effective in their jobs immediately and automatically records participation.  GHC’s Training Performance is designed to help clients achieve high-level results in the form of sustained compliance while perpetually identifying and improving processes that further reduce costs, improve efficiency, and cut legal risks and liability.

E.  Employee Handbooks and Policy & Procedure Manuals:

GHC’s holistic approach to problem solving understands that Employee Handbooks and Policy & Procedure Manuals alone are helpful but frequently insufficient to keep the client from getting blindsided.  GHC’s comprehensive Employee Handbooks and Company Policy & Procedure Manuals with Exhibits become powerful tools that enhance efficiency and reduce costs when connected to custom built Holistic Compliance Processes™.

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