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Strong Competitive Advantages

“GHC’s Competitors Brag About How Many Cases They Have.
We Brag About How Few Cases Our Clients Have.”

-  Stanley Edward Williams

GHC’s Holistic Compliance Processes™ are built upon its Holistic Compliance Technology™, a fully integrated, desktop–ready, web-based platform, and are designed to enable companies to manage their labor and employment regulatory compliance issues by:

  • Adopting A Comprehensive, Systemic, And Holistic Compliance Approach To Managing Labor & Employment Regulatory Compliance Issues;
  • Ascertaining, Measuring And Monitoring Their Existing Costs Of Complying With Labor & Employment Regulatory Compliance Requirements;
  • Custom-Building Internal Employment Processes And Systems, Using Holistic Compliance Processes™, That Perpetually Reduce Unnecessary Compliance Costs And Expenses, Revealing The Company’s True Costs Of Compliance;
  • Converting True Costs Of Compliance Into Investments In Holistic Business Processes™;
  • Reducing Risks Of Non-Compliance By Achieving Focused And Measurable Progress Toward Sustained Compliance With Federal, State And Ultimately International Labor & Employment Regulatory Compliance Requirements;
  • Consistently Applying The Holistic Approach To Problem Solving And Fair And Informed Decision Making With Fully Aligned Business Processes And Labor & Employment Regulatory Compliance Requirements To Help Clients Achieve Sustained Compliance And Reduced Costs Of Compliance;
  • Utilizing Fully Integrated Holistic Compliance Technology™ To Help Drive Down Costs Of Discovery And Litigation By Preserving The “Comparative Data” Utilized In Its Internal Decision Making;
  • Utilizing The Smart Case Management System™ To Defend Claims Of Discrimination Or Non-Compliance (E.G., Individual And Class-Action Claims) Based On “Lessons Learned” From Data Captured In GHC’s Holistic Processes; And
  • Developing “Fully Compliant” Affirmative Action Plans (Integrated AAPs™) That Position The Company For Strategic Implementation Of Affirmative Action Policy Both Internally And Before Regulatory Enforcement Agencies.

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