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GHC has a culture of excellence and best processes.  GHC’s reputation is built upon honesty, integrity and plain talk to both management at all levels and employees.  While competitors trended toward traditional corporate defense work (a crisis-oriented reactive approach), GHC’s visionary leadership team in recognition of industry’s needs steadfastly undertook to find prevention oriented solutions to industry’s three most difficult challenges:

  1. The Growing Complexity Of Labor & Employment Workplace Compliance Laws;
  2. Spiraling Labor & Employment Costs Of Compliance And,
  3. The Absence Of Web-Based Technology To Aid In Compliance.

As a result of its radical departure from the norm, GHC stands as the sole labor & employment service provider that utilizes the holistic approach to problem solving and simplifies and manages complex labor & employment regulatory compliance requirements through client-centered Holistic Compliance Processes™ driven by next generation Holistic Compliance Technology™, that helps clients achieve sustained compliance, shrink risks of liability and perpetually reduce client Costs Of Compliance.  GHC can be trusted to add value to its clients through healthy, long-term, strategic partnering relationships.

A key factor in holistic problem solving is early recognition that clients need investigations that are not only fair and impartial and have no actual or apparent conflict of interest, but also are perceived by employees as such.

GHC helps clients build Internal Dispute Resolution Processes (IDRP) that operate in a fair and firm manner.  Employees are encouraged to utilize the IDRP to resolve internal grievances rather than resorting to filing complaints with outside sources.  Further, it provides a venue for whistle blowers to be heard without worry of reprisal, whether reporting violations of company policy, improper conduct, fraud, theft or other forms of dishonesty under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.  Further, the IDRP offers a 1-800-24-7-Help Hotline that reaches out to employees who may desire to report improper conduct anonymously.  The fairness and impartiality of trusted professionals pays clients great dividends.  It is GHC’s experience that employees who feel heard after going through the client’s IDRP are less likely to file claims.

“We Offer A Proactive Technology - Driven Approach
That Helps You Navigate Today’s Complex Regulatory Environment.”

-  Stanley Edward Williams


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